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Look out for 1 Call Connect's New & Exciting products for 2020!!!

During the course of 2019, 1 Call Connect has once again re-positioned itself in a prime position for 2020 and beyond. As the needs for telecommunication trends and marketplace have changed, so has 1 Call Connect via New and Exciting products for the New Year ahead.


Contact: sales@1callconnect.net for more info!


After many years of featuring a simplified website to greet our Customers, and Vendors, 1 Call Connect has taken the initiative to build upon its current strong image worldwide by acquiring a leading marketing company, who will in turn skillfully revamp its website and provide other feature rich tools for our Customers & Vendors. This is the first step of many as 1 Call Connect begins to roll out news services for the year ahead. Check back soon...!

01/01/2013 - 12/31/13

1 Call Connect concentrates on building awareness in the telecom industry for its ever popular and extremely user friendly Switch Partitioning services.

Additional Redundant switches are now activated worldwide to provide yet additional geographic diversity and redundancy to maintain our continued 99.999% uptime!

01/01/2012 - 12/31/12

1 Call Connect provisions additional Tier 1 Carriers to its Network for continued redundancy and full retail quality coverage for both USA and International A-Z routes!


Quality and redundancy have always played a major role in the management of the corporate policies for 1 Call Connect, and recent natural disasters have taught us all many lessons in general everyday management as it relates to the telecom industry. In response 1 Call Connect has again added more facilities within the USA and around the globe for further Geographic redundancy to maintain our continued 99.999% uptime!


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"1 Call Connect adds Virtual Call Shop features"

Many store locations worldwide that up until now were not able to provide the advanced technology to "Call Shop" customers, can now do so with little to no out of pocket expense. Now with a simple Internet connection, store owners can open their doors to a once elusive customer, and provide their customer with inexpensive options to call friends & family both domestic and international. This is achieved via 1 Call Connect's "Virtual" Call Shop feature. Simply connect via the Internet with any off the shelf computer or laptop to 1 Call Connect's network and you are open for Call Shop business and profits, it's that simple!


For more information contact: wholesale@1callconnect.net


"1 Call Connect officially launches and deploys the Beta C.C.S. (Chat Central Server ®) within the United States"

The long awaited deployment from 1 Call Connect has finally arrived on US territories. The Service gracefully named C.C.S. (Chat Central Server ®) will allow 1 Call Connect customers access to Chat services whereupon Customers can dial a local or Toll Free number and join in countless ongoing conversations in numerous Chat rooms with varying subjects.

YES... Chat rooms have been available for some time now in the USA but 1 Call Connect has added some very exciting and one-of-a-kind 'nifty' (Patent Pending) features which enable Vendors to add varying amounts of unique Value Added services to the C.C.S. Thus in turn generating revenue streams never encountered before in the Chat industry. 1 Call Connect has spent over two years of Investing, developing, programming and testing the C.C.S., with the emphasis based on completely remodeling and revamping the Chat Industry as we know it today.


For more information Contact: marketing@1callconnect.net or call direct, Corporate Office: 310-909-8709

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