1 Call Connect

Corporate Office:

Pho: 310.909.8709

Fax: 310.598.5281

1 Call Connect was founded in 1998 and formally introduced itself to the telecom industry as a leading Switching, Wholesale, and Retail provider.

Currently and prior to founding 1 Call Connect, the management team holds over 30 years experience in the telecom industry. Their specialties are in the form of Telecommunication Hardware Assembly, Telecommunication Software Applications, and through the Wholesale of High Volume traffic both Domestic and International to leading Carriers for both Wholesale and Retail Origination and Termination.

In addition 1 Call Connect has Ventured and created a foothold into the International territories namely the Caribbean to form Retail telecommunication products via joint ventures with existing mobile operators by the way of becoming a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and by doing so have attained over 300 thousand pre-paying customers, prior to the acquisition by a leading worldwide Mobile

Switching Capabilities
Currently 1 Call Connect has fully monitored (24x7) Switching capabilities to simultaneously switch over eighty thousand (80,000) concurrent calls or about one Billion (1,000,000,000) minutes per month. 

*Supported Protocols: SIP / H323 / IAX2

*Supported Codec's: G.711a / G.711u / G.722 / G.723 / G.728 / G.729 / GSM

Switching and Data Redundancy
1 Call Connect has developed full redundancy in each Switch by means of fail-over backup Switches, and VoIP Bandwidth with several layers of data redundancy from leading data service providers as for example: At&t®
, Global Crossing®, Level 3®, Time Warner® etc.

Power Redundancy
In addition 1 Call Connect maintains
 full seamless instant fail-over redundant power management systems in preparation or the event of any power loss, allowing 1 Call Connect to boast a 99.999% uptime in reliability.

Custom Switching Services
1 Call Connect also offers "Custom Switching Services" for Carriers, Vendors, and Customers who require particular switching services. This is achieved by our full time switching developers who are able to take almost any switching requirement and create a switching environment as requested, within a matter of days to a few hours.